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The Tanning Industry In Line For The Biggest Class Action Lawsuit Ever Against the Medical Industry

August 1, 2009

What the medical industry is doing to the tanning industry and human health over all is just out of control.

“Study: Cancer risk jumps 75 percent if ultraviolet radiation device used before 30”

“LONDON – International cancer experts have moved tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer risk category, deeming them as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas.”

WOW! Mustard gas??? Arsenic??? Those are real scary sounding and tanning beds are just as dangerous???

Maybe or maybe not. If you do some research (which the news and media outlets clearly did not) you’ll see that TANNING BEDS have now been put in the same category as sunlight. As in “The UV light from a tanning bed is equivalent to UV light from the sun, which has had a group 1 classification since 1992.”

So Group 1 Classification. Well if it’s in group 1 it MUST BE dangerous if something like MUSTARD GAS is also in “group 1”!!!

Well, let’s see what else hangs in this group: (from:

Alcoholic beverages
Mineral oils, untreated and mildly treated
Salted fish (Chinese-style)
Wood dust
Arsenic in drinking-water
Boot and shoe manufacture and repair
Chimney sweeping
Coke production
Furniture and cabinet making
Hematite mining (underground) with exposure to radon
Involuntary smoking (exposure to secondhand or ‘environmental’ tobacco smoke)
Iron and steel founding
Isopropyl alcohol manufacture (strong-acid process)
Magenta production
Painter (occupational exposure as a)
Paving and roofing with coal-tar pitch
Rubber industry
Strong-inorganic-acid mists containing sulfuric acid (occupational exposure to)
Tobacco smoking and tobacco smoke

 Geez…it seems that there are a LOT of things that we are involved with during our DAILY ROUTINE that also fall under this Group 1 Classification as a Known Carcinogens. Coke production? Is this the drug? No the DRINK!

Furniture and cabinet making? Why is there no outrage over this?

Salted fish? WOOD DUST???!?!?!?! PAINTING?????


It’s because it’s a bunch of HOCUS POCUS that’s why! But let’s stick to the main event. “TANNING BEDS AS BAD AS ARSENIC.” Now if something like SALTED FISH is on the same list why doesn’t the headline read TANNING AS BAD AS SALTED FISH!

Not quite as scary is it.

So let’s say that yes, tanning is as bad as salted fish. What does the medical industry recommend? SPF CREMES to starve off UV radiation?

Well, if you look at any SPF creme, you notice that 9 OUT OF 10 cremes contain MINERAL OIL.


Baby oil...99.99% MINERAL OIL...Cancer causing but recommended for your baby by doctors

Baby oil...99.99% MINERAL OIL...Cancer causing but recommended for your baby by doctors



How can this be? That must be only the junk SPF cremes right? NO doctor would RECOMMEND a class 1 carcinogen as safe right? As a matter of fact “Dermatologists agree that petrolatum (mineral oil) is the most effective moisturizing substance currently available.”

So tanning that’s on the same list as mineral oil and arsenic is bad for you to make headlines but mineral oil is highly recommended by dermatologists. (funny the tanning industry fully DENOUNCES mineral oil as an ingredient in their products for the very reason that it’s not good for the skin)

Why is this? What’s going on?

Seems that the dermatologists are thinking with their wallets these days as the products THEY make money off of CONTAIN MINERAL OIL. They don’t and can’t make money off of tanning and UV exposure so they pick on them as “dangerous” when the very products they promote fall into the same group as tanning beds.

Seems that if you look deeper into this, you’ll find that even the study to get tanning listed as a “Group 1 Classification as a Known Carcinogens” they needed to INVENT part of the study to even make it work! 75% increase!!!!! Scary sounding right? Almost sounds like if you go tanning your chances of getting cancer is 75%!!

Well, that is far from the case. The chances that you will die from skin cancer might be 1/10 of 1% or .1%. If that goes up by 75% (.001 x 1.75) then the risk is .00175 or 1.75%! So if the headlines read YOUR RISK OF CANCER FROM A TANNING BED IS NOW 1.75%!!! I guess it wouldn’t be as scary as 75% INCREASE!

But 75% of what? What is the BASE NUMBER again? See you can’t have an INCREASE of something unless you have a starting point to work off of. You can’t just say a car has 30% better MPG if there’s no original MPG number to work with (for instance).

Well, the problem here is THERE IS NO BASE NUMBER. They are just inventing one. NOW the “risk” above is RELATIVE RISK (again made up as there’s no starting point) but let’s pretend that it’s right on. This is the RELATIVE RISK of getting skin cancer 1.75. (or 75% increase like they are trying to claim)

Well here’s some quotes from pretty important people based on their role of determining RELATIVE RISK:

“As a general rule of thumb, we are looking for a relative risk of 3.0 or more before accepting a paper for publication.”
–Marcia Angell, editor of the New England Journal Of Medicine
“My basic rule is, if the relative risk isn’t at least 3 or 4, forget it.”
–Robert Temple, director of drug evaluation for the U.S. Food And Drug Administration
“Relative risks of less than 3.0 are considered small and are difficult to interpret. Such increases may be due to chance, coincidence, statistical bias or the effect of confounding factors that are sometimes not evident.”
–Excerpt from a National Cancer Institute publication

New England journal of Medicine…Director of Drug Evaluation of the FDA….National Cancer Institite…these people are basically saying that this study is STATISTICALLY INSIGNIFICANT.

THE PROBLEM IS the medical industry is DESTROYING PEOPLE’S LIVELY HOOD who work/own tanning salons for the sake of MAKING MONEY and nothing to do with good health! How can it be? They recommend products that are JUST AS DANGEROUS! In a time of economic downturn this cannot be allowed and should not be. The medical industry is SUPPOSED TO BE in the best interest of your good health and in this case they are not.

And this doesn’t even include the amount of Vitamin D your body produces when exposed to UVB from a tanning bed. There is a growing concern for the amount of people that are Vitamin D deficient ( which could be off set by simple UVB exposure from a tanning bed or the sun BUT the MEDICAL INDUSTRY clearly isn’t interested in fixing a problem that can lead to:



So all these ailments can be avoided with adequate Vitamin D levels and tanning beds have been shown to increase Vitamin D levels yet they make the headlines appear to suggest otherwise.

You know what the BEST PART of the mineral oil based SPF cremes? They BLOCK UVB the main ingredient needed for your body to PRODUCE VITAMIN D! Seems to me that SPF cremes might be the cause of BOTH skin cancer AND Vitamin D deficiency and the baggage that comes with it.

Why is the tanning industry and the rest of the HUMAN WORLD for that matter NOT speaking out against this? Why are MAJOR NEWS OUTLETS falling for this scam that’s real simple to see through? Will it take the collapse of an entire REGULATED industry to see that they are NOT RESPONSIBLE for this? Then what? What happens when the skin cancer continues after the tanning salons are gone?

Who will they point the finger at next when Vitamin D deficiency GOES UP EVEN MORE? When the effects of vitamin D deficiency GOES THROUGH THE ROOF?


Introducing the VITAMIN D COUNCIL

October 23, 2008

If you have a question on Vitamin D, sun exposure, skin cancer, etc these are the people to listen to.

Here is their latest on a Autism study in relation to low Vitamin D:

Here is the latest email from the mother of an autistic boy being treated with high doses of vitamin D (actually physiological doses).
>>> “Juliette Pryor” < > 10/20/2008 1:35 PM >>>

Hi John!
I had lab work performed on Colin – October 9, 2008 – his 25(OH)D level was 62 ng/ml (range 30-100) and his calcium was normal (9.8).  This was with him on 3000 IUs per day for the last three months.  You had said for him to take 4000 but I just wanted to see what would happen if we continued to do 3000 IUs.   

Colin started school this year, we had previously home schooled him.  He got into a really good school that requires a lot from the students.  Colin is doing very well there.  He mastered the first five sounds they taught him in less than 2 weeks (they do an intense reading/writing/language method called The Association Method).   They said some kids can take 3 months to master 1 sound.  He also had another IQ test performed recently.  In July, he had a very difficult time attending to the testing and scored a 63 which put him in the MR category.  However, he just did another IQ test on 9/26/08 and he scored an 83 on one and a 79 on another.  This takes him out of the MR range and puts him into the low average intelligence range.  It’s great news and I believe he will continue to score higher and higher each year. 
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you.
Juliette Pryor
As previously reported: 
Colin is a 7-year old boy living in the northeastern US with a long standing diagnosis of autism. Symptoms include temper tantrums, repetitive self-stimulatory behavior, impaired language, mood swings, fear of being alone, toileting problems, and impaired muscle strength. He spends a lot of time outdoors starting in the spring and his mother noticed a distinct seasonal variation in his symptoms in that he improved in the summer and regressed in the winter. A 25-hydroxy-vitamin D in April of 2008 was 25 ng/ml and obtained after he had begun to play outside.

Due to the seasonality of his symptoms the mother consulted me and I advised the mother to stop all products containing vitamin A including cod liver oil and begin Colin on 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day for two weeks followed by 2,000 IU per day in the form of powdered vitamin D dissolved in juice. Within a week of starting the vitamin D language began to return and he was no longer as fearful of being alone.

At the end of two weeks his language showed further improvement, he began to toilet himself, counted to 10 and knew the spelling of his name. After three weeks language continued to improve and some improvements were noted in his dysbiosis. After four weeks of vitamin D treatment, the mother noted improvements in muscle strength as well as continued improvements in language.  The above email is a six month report.

John Cannell, MD

Vitamin D Council


What does SPF do again? (Lack of vitamin D can affect 36 organs –

October 15, 2008

Still think the sun is the problem? How about LACK OF SUN? That’s right folks. Vitamin D is quickly being recognized in the “war on good health” as the “missing link” to longevity.

So let’s do an experiment shall we. According to the MEDICAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION:

The recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 200 international units for people up to 50 years old, 400 IU for people 51 to 70 years old and 600 IU for people over 70. Norman recommends that all adults have an average daily intake of at least 2,000 IU.

Well, I just so happen to own some UV meters. That’s right folks, I will actually TEST this theory with actual SCIENCE and no wives tales or fun sound bites to mess things up…

…and the results are SHOCKING.

SPF is the problem NOT the solution!

SPF is the problem NOT the solution!

In the above example you will see that this is tested in a UV tanning bed. You will notice that the maximum tanning session time is 11min and for this experiment we will be tanning for 4min…low enough for anyone with even the lightest skin type to have no problems with overexposure.

If you wear the recommended SPF of 15 (Dermatologists will recommend this as a minimum) you will go from making more than enough Vitamin D to being GROSSLY deficient.

How is SPF good again?

Lack of vitamin D can affect 36 organs –

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