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Scott Brown Will Rock You!

January 15, 2010

Scott Brown For Senate!

January 13, 2010

The Real Martha Coakley

January 6, 2010

Scott Brown for Senate

January 5, 2010


January 4, 2010

Martha Coakley’s on line discussion FAIL!

Thinks INCREASING TAXES to pay for the health care reform is the best way to SAVE MONEY! below is a question asked to Martha and her answer follows.

i am a young middle class man completely satisfied with my private heath insurance as our most of my friends. Why should I support Health care reform and the increased tax burden that will effect my family? ”


“Martha Coakley: My guess is that you are covered by payments made by your employer to an insurance company, and you may contribute but do not know the total cost of your premiums, or the value of any health care services you have received. Those costs are going up 8-10% a year in Massachusetts and will shortly be not affordable by your employer or by you. We need reform, not just to provide for coverage for those who do not have it, but for those like you, Bryan, who want to be able to afford good, quality health care, not just health care insurance.”

How is INCREASING TAXES going to SAVE MONEY again? This is ASININE as the money “saved” by the plan will be off set by a never ending increase in taxes which currently include a 10% SERVICE TAX on the indoor tanning industry. This is a MAJOR DEAL because it’ll be the first time services will be taxed and will lead the way for all services to be taxed. Hair, nails, massage, just to name a few. We are talking a MAJOR BLOW to small business that will force people already struggling to be forced into bankruptcy and/or just out of business.

We cannot afford Martha Coakley and her OH SO TYPICAL “tax and spend” way of doing things. We are already broke. We can’t take anymore.

Not ONE WORD on efficiency. No call for audits on bloated tax funded programs. Not ONE WORD on saving money to pay for anything.

Just tax the people and sell it with fear marketing and double talk.

This is MARTHA COAKLEY and we cannot vote for her. WE MUST VOTE SCOTT BROWN FOR SENATE!


Vote for Martha Coakley and say GOOD BYE to your hard work

January 2, 2010

You like working longer hours for the same or less money?

Martha thinks you do and should work longer and harder than you already are.

Did you pay your dues, go to school/college to try to make something for yourself?

Doesn’t matter to Martha. She thinks you make too much money because people that didn’t pay their dues in school and live off of the government/minimum wage deserve better.

What, you don’t think a person with a college degree should make more than minimum wage? PERFECT! When the minimum wage goes up YOUR wages that you busted your back for will go DOWN. She can make this happen!

Martha will call for an increase for minimum wage cause it’s all a SCAM to get HER more money. The higher the minimum wage is, the more INCOME TAX she makes cause that’s what pays her and her buddies that live off of tax money. Doesn’t matter that there will be less jobs available, she is just looking to make life better for the losers of America. People that try very little and demand everything in return.

Do you like to relax after working a 12hr day? That’s fine as long as you don’t mind being labeled a SINNER when you have to pay increased taxes on what SHE thinks is a SIN. Fatty foods, alcohol, smoking…all things WORKING PEOPLE use to take the edge off…you don’t need it cause MOMMY MARTHA says you don’t. It’ll be legal enough so only the tax man makes money and no one else.

Are you in good health because you pay attention in health class, you know what MODERATION means, you mind fitting into your clothes?

That’s PERFECT for Martha! You are exactly who she wants to TAX HARDER to pay for people that DON’T know the meaning of moderation cause they didn’t bother to show up to school that month! YOU DO and have the money to pay for the people that don’t. Not over weight? No problem. The food that you DON’T abuse will be taxed because some people don’t know when to quit. THEN they will just move onto abusing food that’s NOT taxed until everything that contains calories is considered a sin. She won’t advocate a healthy lifestyle, just punishment as needed.

Didn’t do anything to better yourself in life? Drank your way through school while everyone else was studying? Live on disability for a stubbed toe in ’89?
MARTHA IS FOR YOU! YOU are who she wants to get health care for!

Martha Coakley claims that Scott Brown is following in George Bush’s failed footsteps when IT’S HER that’s following his path with her SCARE TACTICS.
DO AS I SAY OR IT’S DOOMSDAY. Fear marketing is the name of the game and she is the dealer.