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Here you go Massachusetts. 108 people to vote OUT next election

April 28, 2009

 These clowns just don’t get it so it’s time to let them go. How anyone could back a SALES TAX INCREASE with enough backing to be VETO PROF is just disgusting. 100% out of touch with reality and absolutely SHOULD NOT BE REPRESENTING THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE.   


108 people that are unqualified for the job

108 people that are unqualified for the job



“AIG bonus outrage has employees living in fear”

March 20, 2009

Yeah so? There are MILLIONS living in fear EVERYDAY. Fear of losing their homes, families, lives thanks to CROOKS like yourselves.

Good luck and BABABOOEY to ya all, DICKHEADS.

“FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) – Pillars of the community are now pariahs fearing for their safety in a ritzy area of Connecticut home to many executives at American International Group Inc. (AIG), hit with a backlash over bonuses it paid to top brass even as it accepted federal bailout money.”

Tell em Nelson!

Tell em Nelson!


I Thought The USA Was Addicted To Oil?

December 17, 2008

Maybe that was just when a broke ass oil man was in charge of allowing OPEC to have their way with the people of the USA….and the US auto industry…and everyone that relies on a car to get to work.

But it was China that was causing the prices to go up…then hurricanes…then Mexicans…then our money was worthless…then it was GM and Friends for making cars that use gas…then it was Nigeria…

…maybe that was all cleared up today.

(I can’t IMAGINE why the prices are DIVING as soon as the GOP was not going to be in charge anymore.)

Oil sinks to 4 1/2-year low after OPEC cut

Oil falls even as cartel says it will cut production in bid to prop up prices driven lower by global economic downturn.

By Kenneth Musante, staff writer

NEW YORK ( — The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, in a bold but not unexpected move to prop up falling oil prices, said Wednesday that it would cut production by 2.2 million barrels a day starting next month. The cut is the largest ever announced by OPEC.

OPEC hopes the cuts will stabilize prices, which have dropped by more than $100 a barrel since reaching a record high in July. The worsening economic downturn has sapped demand worldwide.

But traders were unmoved by the production cut, which had been widely expected. U.S. crude for January delivery sank $3.54 to settle at $40.06 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

That’s the lowest settlement price since July 13, 2004, when oil settled at $39.44.

After the OPEC announcement, prices fell $2.10 to $41.50 a barrel. Oil had been as high as $45.50 earlier in the day.