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Bring the steel tipped boots this time

October 22, 2009


WASHINGTON (CNN) – Former President George W. Bush has a new speaking gig.

Bush will be featured as the “special guest speaker” at an October 26 “Get Motivated!” business seminar in Fort Worth, Texas, according to an announcement on the organization’s Web site.

Tamara Lowe, the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Get Motivated Seminars, Inc., said in a phone interview that the former president will appear live and in person at the upcoming event. Lowe estimated that Bush will speak for roughly 20 minutes. Lowe also said that the company has all the necessary safety precautions in place to host a former president.

Bush’s former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are set to join Bush at the October 26 event.

The former president is also scheduled to participate in another “Get Motivated!” seminar in San Antonio, Texas on December 2, according to the company’s Web site.

“For a limited time only,” the Web site says, tickets are available to the October and December events for $4.95 per person or $19 for a group.

CNN is awaiting confirmation from a representative of the former president about the scheduled appearances at the seminars.

 $4.95!!!! That’s LESS than a gallon of gas under his rule of terror! What a hump stain!


But other than that he was a good president

January 17, 2009

I hope this is a fake

November 14, 2008

The perfect way to end a horrible attempt playing president.

GWB and crew love the kinky sex it seems!

GWB and crew love the kinky sex it seems!


George Bush takes job at farm and immediately fired

November 1, 2008

God I love this picture

Yes there is George...yes there is.

Yes there is George...yes there is.