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Dear US Senators

March 28, 2010

Please add the 10% Tan Tax to your lawsuit against ObamaCare. Not only is it discriminatory against the mostly women-owned small businesses… it is discriminatory against the entire white race. That is illegal. And who says the fed has any authority to impose a service sales tax in the first place? Isn’t that a state “right”? The fed gas tax is NOT a service tax… it is a legal “excise” tax per gallon on an interstate commodity.

Contrary to sensational media reports… there is no valid scientific evidence that tanning beds cause or increase the risk of skin cancer. No case-controlled peer reviewed studies have ever been done. Only a UN IARC report summarizing faulty results of years-old flawed studies. The AAD, big pharma skin creams, beauty mags, and cancer “societies” then all piled on to convince congress to abandon the “botax” and hit the tanning salons instead. All of the above are financially supported by the likes of Coppertone and other SPF cream makers.


The People You Supposedly Work For


Move To Where The Food Is!!!!

February 10, 2010

So funny and true!


I’ll eat anything….but this

February 4, 2010


Bacon and ground pork sausage in a chocolate bar. Yeah, it’s the corn syrup that’s the problem.


Artie Lange breaks up with girlfriend before the suicide attempt

January 7, 2010


My source tells me exclusively: “During Thanksgiving, Artie and his Girlfriend had a fight about his “using” (drug use). During the first weekend of December, Artie was given an ultimatum from his young girlfriend about “using”: …drugs, or her. Artie ended up using again, (after the ultimatum), and was caught. She found him passed out on the floor. She left. And never went back!”


God dam man.


Howard Stern talking about Artie Lange Suicide Attempt

January 7, 2010

That’s right. Posted here first (not that I’m bragging cause OH HELL NO I’m not) Page 6 has reported that Artie Lange tried to committ suicide the other day. Here’s the banter on the Stern show about it.



January 4, 2010

Martha Coakley’s on line discussion FAIL!

Thinks INCREASING TAXES to pay for the health care reform is the best way to SAVE MONEY! below is a question asked to Martha and her answer follows.

i am a young middle class man completely satisfied with my private heath insurance as our most of my friends. Why should I support Health care reform and the increased tax burden that will effect my family? ”


“Martha Coakley: My guess is that you are covered by payments made by your employer to an insurance company, and you may contribute but do not know the total cost of your premiums, or the value of any health care services you have received. Those costs are going up 8-10% a year in Massachusetts and will shortly be not affordable by your employer or by you. We need reform, not just to provide for coverage for those who do not have it, but for those like you, Bryan, who want to be able to afford good, quality health care, not just health care insurance.”

How is INCREASING TAXES going to SAVE MONEY again? This is ASININE as the money “saved” by the plan will be off set by a never ending increase in taxes which currently include a 10% SERVICE TAX on the indoor tanning industry. This is a MAJOR DEAL because it’ll be the first time services will be taxed and will lead the way for all services to be taxed. Hair, nails, massage, just to name a few. We are talking a MAJOR BLOW to small business that will force people already struggling to be forced into bankruptcy and/or just out of business.

We cannot afford Martha Coakley and her OH SO TYPICAL “tax and spend” way of doing things. We are already broke. We can’t take anymore.

Not ONE WORD on efficiency. No call for audits on bloated tax funded programs. Not ONE WORD on saving money to pay for anything.

Just tax the people and sell it with fear marketing and double talk.

This is MARTHA COAKLEY and we cannot vote for her. WE MUST VOTE SCOTT BROWN FOR SENATE!


**update** Artie Lange Suicide Attempt??

January 3, 2010


a poster on SAVEBABYGORILLA.COM claims to know a guy that knows a guy…here’s the post:

Buddy on Hoboken amb squad said that he drank bleach, and had tried to commit suicide. I know that sounds outlandish, but person it came from is not one to sensationalize. He really didn’t even know who he was, so far as his celebrity is concerned. He just knew I was a fan of show. Said call involved self inflicted wounds on wrists and torso, and purposeful ingestion of bleach. Also let me know it did not look like the wounds were bad enough to be fatal. But could not speak for what was going on internally. I know it sounds out there. But I got this phone call a full hour before any news broke. I hope that guy can reel it in. He is a great talent. I wish him the best.

True? False? Just making up shit? Dunno but what we do know is that this is not above Artie to pull a stunt like this BUT we can all hope it’s not true.