Overblown tanning bed cancer scare will indirectly cause the end of diet drinks

August 4, 2009

So over the last week we’ve been hearing about the “dangers of tanning beds” and that got people (me) interested in what else falls in the category of cancer causing with tanning beds. Silent killers such as salted fish and wine are among the list of sinners as is aspartame or artificial sweetener.

Well, turns out that if these fatheads are going to be labeling tanning beds as killers then everything else on that list must also be killers and our good friend Nutrasweet who was hanging out all cool and unnoticed has the spot light on it once again.

So stock up on your Diet Coke because the Dermatologists are too worried that you might get a freckle from playing in the sun too long and now everyone has to give up their beloved fake nasty sugar substitute. You think Coke will just brush off having to pull their top selling drink? That’ll only cost them a billion dollars because someone that abuses everything they come across needs to be saved from themself.

Next week, chimney sweeping a job to DIE FOR.


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