Sarah Palin Quits….

July 13, 2009

Got Gas?

Got Gas?

Are people REALLY shocked at this? When you are GROSSLY UNQUALIFIED for your job this is basically how you’d handle it. Quit and blame everyone but yourself.

Sounds about right to me. Now take that bar tender job you ARE qualified for and get out of everyone’s face already! No one cares but perverted old men and douchie old women and stupid people…unfortunately that’s about 60% of the US and A but that’s neither here nor there.


One comment

  1. Yeah, I could see her working around a bar, but it would most likely be in the back of her camper doing time as a lot lizard.

    And if she moved down from Alaska to So. California, she could be doing illegal immigrants at $5.00 a Chevy-full, you betcha!!!


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