FREE just pay “Processing and Handling”….enough is enough with this scam

June 28, 2009

See, anyone with a brain would have realized that if the way a company makes money has to do with OTHER THAN SELLING THE PRODUCT AND MAKING A PROFIT then it’s a scam or “too good to be true”.

Well I guess this is not the case if people are buying trash that these pitchmen are selling.

Ever wonder why “just pay shipping and handling” has morphed into “just pay handling and processing”? Order something and find out…or just use your brain and realize that YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE PRODUCT WHEN YOU PAY “PROCESSING AND HANDLING”.

Shipping companies have set rates for certain items/boxes as in FILL THIS BOX WITH WHATEVER AND THE SHIPPING IS THE SAME AS LONG AS YOU DON’T GO OVER X WEIGHT.

How much does a snuggie weigh? Nothing? Well then, JUST FOR ACTING NOW you’ll get this 25cent reading light for the low cost of NOTHING plus $4 handling and processing.

Shamwow weighs 2oz and still have 6oz to go before you are over the limit? Include a 5oz $2 car vacuum for only $8 handling and processing.

Bottom line, no matter what the product is, if the company makes money from processing and handling charges (can’t say SHIPPING cause that would be a lie cause the SHIPPING is a fixed cost) then it would be best to AVOID buying the product which you probably do not need OR HAVE to begin with.


One comment

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Free tanning! (just pay a 15.00 cleaning and towel fee)

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