Massachusetts Gas Tax Sucks!!!!

February 19, 2009

Mr Deval Patrick sir. What the hell are you doing? WE ARE BROKE MAN! GAS TAX? Didn’t we just go through this BS with the high gas prices and kinda blame whoever El Presidente wanted us to blame for everyone being broke (GM, mortgages, etc) OTHER than him allowing OPEC to gouge us to death?

Well that’s OVER and we can all just admit it that we are BROKE because we’ve been FORCED to CHARGE $200/week in GAS instead of $50/week in CASH.

You have 2 options presented to yourself, RAISE THE GAS TAX AND PISS EVERYONE OFF

One will get you re-elected, one will get anyone other than you elected.

Very easy choice. Massachusetts likes to be comfortable with their people as you may have noticed. Why not join the club? You have to show the people that you are willing to cut corners like we are being forced to. I’m not talking about cutting raises and bonuses I’m talking about ELIMINATING POSITIONS ALTOGETHER. Which positions? Where do you start?

Easy. STOP TREATING GROWN ADULTS AS HELPLESS CHILDREN. Whatever money that’s being spent on keeping people from making their own educated decisions, victim-less crimes, nonsense regulations that are based on someone’s personal opinion rather than science and facts, ANY regulations on eating/drinking/smoking/etc. Let the people decide what they like. If they don’t like the smoking at one place then THEY GO TO THE COMPETITION! You don’t force everyone to SUCK so the people have no choice!

Spending that was fine 10+ years ago that no longer is necessary, saving people from themselves, whatever. This is A TON OF MONEY. UNNECESSARY MONEY.


Am I the only one that finds this crazy? What works in a depression will not and SHOULD NOT work when things are stable. It doesn’t make sense. And if there ARE expiration dates attached to these bills then POINT THIS OUT WHEN DELIVERING THE BAD NEWS! At least give us something to look forward to! How do you think Mr Bush ruled for so long? He gave us a date when the mayhem was to end! And it worked….over and over and over and things got worse and worse till came down to GONE BY DEFAULT.

The government makes money one way. Taxes. If you can’t live off of the money you currently make, DOWNSIZE like the rest of us. Some of us can’t downsize anymore cause WE ARE THE ONLY ONE LEFT!

Ghost towns don’t pay much in taxes. That’s what we are dealing with here if you keep gouging us to death. Make it too expensive for day to day routine and you lose.

That sense of pride we felt when you were announced the governor is fading real fast. Raise this gas tax and the people of Massachusetts will vote in a brick wall before they vote you back in.





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