Let the PEOPLE decide what businesses get bailed out!

February 6, 2009

How do you decide who to bail out? Give ALL THE MONEY BACK TO THE PEOPLE and they will take said money to their businesses of choice and then they are bailed out!

I don’t remember a law that says all companies no matter how they are run HAVE to stay in business regardless of the real reason they are losing money. If their products are as good as they claim then I and the rest of the 300million Americans will buy their products with THEIR tax money that the government is looking to give away in hopes of stimulating the economy.

So, you all going to feel better when the company that just CANNED your ass gets money to stay in business? No? Why not? You DID get the note about getting your job back when they get the money right? No?

Hmmmm that’s strange….who’s getting bailed out again with TAX PAYER’S MONEY if it’s not the TAX PAYER?

Oh people that feel they should hit the lottery once a year for all the hard work they do! I can’t IMAGINE how difficult it is to do such a bad job that you manage to LOSE BILLIONS OF $$$ A MONTH!

Good job! And let me and the rest of the country offer you CONGRATULATIONS and another $9K of our money for the cause with nothing to show for it!

How does money have value again?

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