Worth Every Penny

January 19, 2009

What? $150K is WELL worth it to listen to ya old Monkeys records.

Why is this?

Why is this?

So what exactly are we getting for this amount of cash? Hmmmmm

Clearaudio Statement Turntable

The Clearaudio Statement turntable with its integral stand represents the state of the art. It is the result of more than 28 years of research and development.

Clearaudio Statement Features

  • Patented magnetic-driven sub-platter (makes no contact with main platter)
  • Additional magnetic vertical platter bearing
  • All platters dynamically balanced
  • Kardan turntable chassis suspension
  • Automatic horizontal levelling device including tonearm platforms (no air pump or compressor)
  • 80kg pendulum weight for self levelling of top platform
  • High speed microprocessor-controlled motor drive unit (as used in Mars Rover)
  • Oil damping devices for the main turntable chassis
  • Real-time speed control and active blue LCD display
  • Ergonomic fine speed adjustment (33, 45 and 78rpm)
  • Accommodates up to four different tonearms
  • Complete resonance control via damped and sandwiched bullet-proof wood (Panzer Holz), stainless steel and acrylic construction
  • Total weight approximately 350kg (770lbs)
  • Dimensions: 69cmWx57cmDx125cmH 
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