Sirius XM blow it by destroying their station line up

November 14, 2008

Sirius-ly screwed up

Sirius-ly screwed up

On Nov 10 or so there was a channel update that merged XM and Sirius stations in an effort to reduce redundancy. So far the only thing they’ve managed to do is screw everything up. First off, they got rid of one of the BEST stations, BACKSPIN. Now, instead of having an ol school rap station it has been reduced to an hour show. Now rap stations have been reduced to about 3 depending on your definition of “rap”.

What? So 18 rock stations are fine but 4 rap stations are too many?

Also, they’ve managed to BUTCHER the music that’s played on the stations with the edited versions! What is going on here? What’s the point again? Sell the whole lot off after Stern is done you say?

Good job dummies. All I can say is:



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