The Stupid will ALWAYS FAIL (Ashley Todd take 3)

October 25, 2008

So not only did this imbecile NOT get attacked at a ATM, NOT get attacked based on her support for McCain but ALL of her wounds were SELF INFLICTED:

from http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D9411R800&show_article=1

“She now can’t explain why she invented the story, Bryant said. Todd also told police she believes she cut the backward “B” onto her own cheek, but did not provide an explanation of how or why, Bryant said. “

Oh I can tell you why she INVENTED this story. SHE IS A RACIST LOWLIFE LOSER who thought she was smarter than the “average American”. The problem is the “average American” is an educated human with a BRAIN and were able to see right through her pathetic attempt at fraud.
The end.

Why is it so hard for others to say it when it’s clear as day to someone with eyes. This is what the UNDEReducated do. They don’t think or they’d still be in school EARNING A DEGREE.

Nope, it’d be more effective to BEAT YOURSELF UP AND NOT EVEN DO THAT CORRECTLY and then BLAME IT ON THE BLACK MAN. Then you make it look like it was in the name of Obama and now you have motive…(hmmmm I wonder if the backward “B” was to make her nonexistent black Obama supporting attacker look ignorant as in to make Obama the ignorant one via indirect association. I’d bet yes on that.)

An innocent white girl that’s a  supporter of McCain and the American way is beat up by the evil black man who is a supporter of Islam and Obama.

Seems to support the entire McCain platform these days….well not MCCAIN’S platform but the creeps that surround him.

My problem is that McCain is a good guy but he is dealing with people that HAPPEN to be corrupted to the hills and that’s too bad man. There’s a reason why McCain was almost a democrat….he’s smart but not crazy. You don’t want to be LABELED a liberal but you don’t want anything to do with your parties nonsense so you either go 3rd party (yeah right) or just stick it out and hope for the best.

I don’t think this is what he would consider “the best”.

Honestly, I wouldn’t doubt that we see McCain smacking around a few of his flunkies before we are done with this election business. The guy is married to a “hard core” business woman and is pared up with someone that has less qualifications than an agoraphobic flight attendant.

Here’s an updated pic of the brainaic in action:

Do not pass go do not collect $200...dummy

Do not pass go do not collect $200...dummy

And before I forget there’s another picture that comes to mind when I hear the name ASHLEY TODD:

In your face dummy

In your face dummy

One comment

  1. She was no aide in my campaign.
    Obama paid her for her lies. I can prove that. And I have the genuine birth certificate of Obama. He was born in Africa. There is a village called Honolulu in Kenya.

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