Joe The Plumber is scared for America if Obama wins? Since when are racists the voice of reason again?

October 25, 2008

Sorry, but I really REALLY don’t care what some guy that’s as much a plumber as Dr Phil is a doctor and his “fears” has to say about REALITY.

He FEARS Obama? Why, he’ll make you pay your back taxes that you owe or is it cause he’s a little “off white” or that you just don’t “trust” him? Is it cause is middle name is Hussein and looks different than him? Will if superficial properties are what fuels his distrust then what about Joe and his “skin head” look? I don’t wear a bald head and the only people I know that wear a bald head are racist skin heads. Am I to believe that this man is NOT a skin head racist? Sure LOOKS like one AND he’s scared of a Black man.

I dunno. If it looks like a duck and and named DAFFY then…you know.

What the hell do people think is going to happen if Obama wins? This guy is nothing more than some shlub that the GOP thinks represents “regular Americans” BUT HE DOESN’T. He represents EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA. Using FEAR backed with FAITH to make decisions instead of your brain is why the USA is in the toilet right now. Yeah, let’s embrace ignorant America yet again instead of REAL America. The states where people actually GRADUATE from High School and then go to COLLEGE and…you know…LEARN REALITY.

Why don’t they come to MASSACHUSETTS where George Bush Sr & Jr were both educated and ask then what they think of “JOE THE PLUMBER”? I wonder if the LOCAL 12 would consider someone with NO PLUMBERS LICENSE to be one of them? Head over to San Francisco California and get an opinion of how closely JOE THE PLUMBER relates to them. I INSIST that they ask a gay couple what they think of their close relation to this “average American”.

To compare REGULAR AMERICA to Joe The Plumber is to PERMANENTLY set this country back 100years MINIMUM. Just making up reality instead of applied knowledge will rule the streets for ANOTHER 4 YEARS MINIMUM and EDUCATED AMERICA just can’t have this.

An Insult to Licensed Plumbers and Educated America

An Insult to Licensed Plumbers and Educated America



  1. ” and the only people I know that wear a bald head are racist skin heads.”

    What? Remind me to stab you later!

  2. I’ll make a note of it.

  3. If Obama wins and your not afraid for America, you should be!

  4. Is it cause he’s going to eat the unborn or make you wear an afro?

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