Oh dear…a “politically motivated” racist attack but on whom?

October 23, 2008

Drudgereport was SOUNDING THE ALARMS for about 8seconds with a story about a girl being attacked by a “6’4″ dark fellah” at a ATM which then followed up with an even bigger beating after he noticed the McCain bumper sticker which left her with the letter “B” carved into her cheek and a black eye.

(take that proper grammar!)

Doesnt a knife make a cut? That B doesnt look like a cut does it?
Doesn’t a knife make a cut? That B doesn’t look like a cut does it?

Not that I don’t believe this girl I just find it strange that the “B” doesn’t really show a cut mark. Face LOOKS banged up BUT doesn’t swelling come before the black and blue?

I HOPE for her sake this is NOT a hoax…and for humor sake I hope it is.
TMZ.com is reporting that SHE REFUSED MEDICAL TREATMENT….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  1. You do know that “attacking the victim” has a very bad history, don’t you?

    Or is it just that a White woman is presumed to be lying? Among the Obama supporters that wouldn’t be a surprising revelation.

    The fact that it’s a scratch instead of a deep cut doesn’t imply falsehood. It does imply that that the felon wasn’t totally sick and depraved, just poisoned by Obama’s campaign strategy and the media.

    Black eyes very from person to person. I’ve gotten them before both quickly and without any swelling at all.

    I even checked out the “carved in the mirror possibility” but the result was still reversed as the mar on her face is.

  2. This truly sucks and I absolutely hate this but…

    I looked hard at the photo and it didn’t look right. My wife and I tested it out. The result was that the “B” on her face matched one carved while looked in the mirror but not one carved by an attacker, unless he was dyslexic.

    There’s a more than decent chance that the maiming was a hoax, if not the robbery.

    Go ahead and say “I told you so.” I admit that you have fair and good reason to do so.

  3. BTW: You’re the one who inspired me to do the physical research. Thank you.

    I do actually prefer truth over most other things including partisanship.

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